Microsoft Surface RT Exchange Error

We received a Microsoft Surface RT tablet at work and the first thing we tried to do was connect it to Exchange.  Like Andrew with his Nokia Lumia 920, our current Exchange policies were preventing the Surface from connecting.  We received an error stating “The server requires Exchange ActiveSync policies that this PC can’t enforce”.  Wondering if removing the requirement for storage card encryption would work like it did for the Lumia 920, we removed the policy requirement and it was able to connect successfully.

I attempted to get around the issue of not being able to encrypt storage cards by disabling “Allow removable storage” from our Exchange policy.  However, after re-adding my account and trying to sync my email, I was greeted by the same error as before.

So to recap, it appears that Surface RT doesn’t support the following Exchange ActiveSync policy settings.

Allow removable storage: False
Require encryption on storage cards: True

Exchange error on Surface RT

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